Rights for Authors
We are protecting your rights as an author, and ensuring that any and all legal information and copyright regulations are addressed. As a journal author, you retain rights for a large range of author uses of your article, including use by your employing institute or company. We also provide many author services, such as free PDFs for most journals, a liberal copyright policy. Author's rights to reuse and post their own articles published by JCSH are defined by JCSH copyright policy. 

Permission from JCSH 
For reuse the material published in JCSH, author need to take permission for,
Re-use material from JCSH journal: Obtaining permission to reuse material published in JCSH, please Obtain     Permission or Contact us directly, please email directly to editor.
    Prepare your article according to author’s guidelines of JCSH.

How authors can use their own journal articles
Authors can use their articles for,
Use at a conference, meeting or for teaching purposes 
Inclusion in a thesis or dissertation 
Reuse of portions or extracts from the article in other works

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