1. No article can be published unless accompanied by a signed publication agreement, which serves as a transfer of copyright from author to publisher. A publication agreement may be obtained from the editor or the publisher. A copy of the publication agreement appears in most issues of the journal. Only original papers will be accepted and copyright in published papers will be vested in the publisher (In the case of a "work made for hire," the agreement must be signed by the employer).

2. It is the responsibility of the author to obtain permission to reproduce copyrighted material in his article.


3. All submissions are subject to anonymous review. Authors will be provided with copies of the reviewers' comments.


COPE Code of Conduct
COPE aims to define best practice in the ethics of scholarly publishing and to assist editors, editorial board members, owners of journals and publishers to achieve this. One of the ways in which it fulfils this mission is by the publication of its Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors.


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