The Journal of Current Science & Humanities is an Quarterly Published international journal allowing open access to abstracts and full-text. The journal Publishes original research, review articles, short communication in the field of Science, Social Sciences, Economics, Education, Environment, Geography, History, Politics, psychology, Sociology, Social welfare, Women Studies, Literature Studies, Business and Management and all related discipline. Those of high quality (not previously published and not already under consideration for publication) will be published without delay.


Type of Manuscripts 
The maximum length of manuscripts should not be more than 6000 words for review, 4000 words for research articles and 1500 words for technical short communications. 


Subission of Manuscript 
All manuscripts (must be in English and in MS Word format) and should be submitted via our Online Submissin and Tracking system. The e-mail addresses of all authors must be provided. IIlustrations (figures) should be in jpeg format. Images for any manuscript should not exceed 200 kilobytes unless prior authorization is received from the editor. Authors may submit the names, affiliations and addresses (including e-mail). 

Submission should be directed that the manuscript has not been published previously and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Authors would be required to sign a Copyright form (to be downloaded directly on website) transferring copyright to Unicorn Publication Press (Publisher of the Journal) before the manuscript can be accepted for publication.


Ethical Matters 
Authors using experimental animals and human subjects in their investigation must seek approval from the appropriate Ethical Committee in accordance with "Principles of Laboratory Animal Care" (NIH publication no. 85-23, revised 1985) and/or the declaration of Helsinki promulgated in 1964 as amended in 1996. The method section must include a statement to prove that the investigation was approved and that informed consent was obtained.


Manuscript Format 
The preferred format of all manuscript is MS Word (MS word-2007 or MS word-2010) Illustrations (figures), graphs, spectra and images must be inserted in the manuscript.


Page setup and paper format
Papers should be typed double spaced with ample margin. The page setup is (A4) 8.2”7x11.69”mm. Papers should have the following sections.


Review Articles
Should be about 15-30 pages long, contain up-to-date information, comprehensively cover relevant literature and preferably be written by scientists who have in-depth knowledge on the topic. All format requirements are same as those applicable to full papers. 


Research Article
1. Title of the paper
2. Name of the author(s) with initials and the name and address of the institution where the work was done must be given. Present address (es) of author(s) may be given if they are different from the above.
3. Abstracts: All papers must have an abstract of not more than 200 words of the significant results reported in the paper. Presentation of numerical results should be avoided as far as possible in the abstract.
4. Key words: Between 3 and 6 key words must be provided for the purpose of indexing and information retrieval.
5. Text: The paper must be divided into sections starting preferably with 'Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgement, (if any) and References.
6. References: All the references must be in the following order.
1 Bhat M V, Ravindranathan M S and Rao G V J. Org. Chem. 1984, 49, 3170.
2 Gould E S, Mechanism and Structure in Organic Chemistry; Holt Riehart and
Winston: New York, 1964, 181.
3 Slothers J B, Carbon-13 NMR Spectroscopy; 2nd ed.; Searle, C. E., Ed.; ACS Monograph 182; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1984; Vol. 2, Chapter

Tables: Tables should be prepared using MS Word or Excel Tables should be numbered sequentially as they appear, i.e. Table 1, Table 2, etc.

Figures: Figures may be included within the body of the manuscript or may be submitted as a separate (*xls) file. Figures should be numbered sequentially as they appear, i.e. Fig. 1, Fig. 2, etc., and a caption should appear directly below each figure. Figures may be *.xls, GIF or JPEG format.


Manuscript charges 
Once a manuscript is accepted for publication, the author(s) will be required to pay a publication charge of Rs-1500/- INR or US$ 50.00 before the accepted paper is published.


Galley Proofs 
Unless indicated otherwise, galley proofs are sent by the email. It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to ensure that the galley proofs are returned without delay.


Inquiries may be directed to:
The Editor-in-Chief,
Journal of Current Science & Humanities, 
227, Ananya, SRP Road, Wadachi wadi, Undri, Pune-60, Maharashtra.


Important Instructions
1. The Articles should be brief, clear and to the point, avoiding unnecessary historical background. Authors should cover their subjects with reasonable thoroughness and completeness. The articles should be reasonably subdivided into sections, and if necessary, into subsections. All articles are subjected to critical reviews by referees.
2. A short summary (maximum length 300 words) is required. The abstracts should be consist of a summary of the entire paper. It should not present the conclusion alone.
3. The authors should assign numbers and titles to all the tables. All the table columns should have explanatory headings.
4. The text should be in MS Word format (*.doc).
5. The figures should be in JPEG, GIF, TIF or Excel format and may be embedded in text.
6. All the color figures will be reproduced in full color free of cost in the online edition of the journal. 
7. The papers must normally present the results of the original work. The Critical reviews of important fields will also be considered for publication.
8. The submission of the script will be taken to imply that it has not been previously published and that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. If the scripts are accepted for publication, the author should not publish it elsewhere.
9. All contacts shall be by e-mail. 
10. The scanned copy of copywrite/ publication agreement form must be sent by e-mail.
11. The e-mail id for query regarding submission is, 
12. Reprints may be downloaded directly from the website. After publishing journal in print form the copies will be send to the corresponding author address.
13. The responsibility of the contents rests upon the authors and not upon the publisher.
14. The Editorial Board reserves the right to make changes if necessary in the research articles.
15. Authors are requested to prepare the manuscript according to “Journal of Current Science & Humanities” guidelines.


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